Learn Communication Skills in a Fun Way With Creative Cases

Our selective storytelling focus differentiates us from schools and other extracurricular learning institutes. Our concept allows students “to build their own stories through digital tools and by working to learn from and solve real life fun case studies”.

1. Data Storytelling

The power of stories is that it has the effect to connect with people on an emotional level. Through the ‘storytelling triangle’ method, we can now combine this emotive narrative with greater data analysis and information visualisation in order to drive change by engaging, enlightening and informing our audience. 


‘Data storytelling’ becomes one of the ‘must-have’ skill to drive influence and change in your school life and career. Check out our video below to take you through what data storytelling is and how you can use it to drive impact to your audience.


2. Case Method

​Adopted and simplified version of the Case Method pioneered by Harvard Business School and used amongst many Business, Law and Medical Schools. Students are presented with real life cases and placed in a decision making role. The method requires them to identify and analyse the problems in front of them, prepare cases individually and then come up with solutions collaboratively in small groups.

Under the instruction and guidance from professional instructors, students will present their own solutions to a small panel group.


3. Education Entertainment (‘Edutainment’):

​In the spirit of ‘Show and Tell’, we want our young students to choose what to talk about in a way they want to present. As such, we chose to customise our learnings around up-to-date edutainment type content – think of the potential with engaging children through educating entertainment content around their favourite animation, music, movie, novel or game.

May 25, 2018

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