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Book List: Recommendation for Students by Students! (English)

We will be regularly updating our recommended book and reading list (both English fiction and non-fiction) as selected by students between the age of 8-14. Find out what others are reading around the world now! A-Z …

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Learn Communication Skills in a Fun Way With Creative Cases

Our selective storytelling focus differentiates us from schools and other extracurricular learning institutes. Our concept allows students “to build their own stories through digital tools and by working to learn from and solve real life fun case …

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The reading map to help students better understand what they read

The tool represents questions which brings out deeper critical thinking for students when they read. We suggest adults can help students below 12 by prompting the questions and for students 12+ to use the map …

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音樂。心情 (Music Playlist for Study and Life)

Feeling overwhelmed with studies? Just want to relax and daydream? We know that feeling! We compiled our music discovery collection designed to be the perfect background music – just for you. (Language: Chinese) lofi / jazz / …

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Want to find a creative writing course for your kid (age 8-11)? “Play & Write” is for you!

Summer time is coming up! Looking to plan some fun learning creative writing activities for your child? Here’s one of our recommendations:   Find out more:    

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In this post, we highlight three main ways to improve shared learning between you and your child in order to increase their learning and reading engagement, develop critical thinking and communication skills and most importantly …

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Skills All Children Need For Future Success (That Are Not Being Taught Enough)

The world is changing rapidly and we are as good as our skills. We explain in the post why we have a critical skills gap problem and what we should do to close that gap. …

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