Skills All Children Need For Future Success (That Are Not Being Taught Enough)

The world is changing rapidly and we are as good as our skills. We explain in the post why we have a critical skills gap problem and what we should do to close that gap.  
The recent focus on education has shifted to the acknowledger of the pace of change around the world driven by globalisation and technological innovation. Education institutes at both a global level (World Economic Forum) and local level (e.g. Hong Kong based Education 2.1) are highlighting the urgency of a growing skills gap. Furthermore, it is the topic discussed extensively during global events by major business and political leaders such as Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

We Need ’21st Century Skills’
In short, the gap stems from the fact that our young generation needs to be equip with 21st century skills – more focus on competency and character development rather than knowledge.

(Source: World Economic Forum – New Vision for Education)

Schools do a good job of teaching foundational literacies such as numeracy, science and literacy. However, due to larger class sizes and the structure of most education curriculum, what they are constrained to do and what needs to be further developed are the competencies (‘how students approach complex problems’ through critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity) and building character qualities (such as curiosity and initiative).

Become a ‘Creative Communicator’
We believe in the power of communication as a vehicle for self-expression and allows children to develop complex problem solving skills, self-driven critical thinking and creativity.
We design all our online and offline products with these two key 21st century skills in mind and recognise that student need ‘less teaching, more coaching’ in order for them to unlock their potential and maintain the passion for learning.
Our core belief is that the ability to work with people and technology together will be one of the most valuable attributes. These ‘creative communicators’ will be multi-lingual, possess high emotional intelligence and empathy, has the ability to create new ideas and come up with solutions using different knowledge and perspectives and to thrive in a constantly changing environment.

Check out the video (3:16 minutes) for some thoughts from educators around the world on the future vision for education:


April 16, 2018

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