Book List: Recommendation for Students by Students! (English)

We will be regularly updating our recommended book and reading list (both English fiction and non-fiction) as selected by students between the age of 8-14. Find out what others are reading around the world now!

A-Z of Being the Best Leader You Can Be: Leading Through the Alphabet by Yvonne Bleam (Age 9-11)

“I really like the stories. They are interesting. I also enjoy the chats about the characters at home with mommy and daddy. My favourite is Alex.” – Charlotte, Primary 5 (Hong Kong)

Show and Tell Review (June 2018)

A fun way for kids aged 9-11 to learn important life skills from leadership, character education and moral life lessons and an excellent resource for teachers and parents to use.

From a social education standpoint, this acts as a good guide to commonplace issues such as bullying. The first two chapters specifically addresses the challenge of being ‘accepting’ and ‘brave’ during peer pressure situations and give kids guidance on how to do so with dignity as part of bully prevention efforts.

Book Description

Meet Alex the accepting leader, Olivia the open-minded leader, Tyson the trustworthy leader and the rest of the gang and understand the qualities of good leadership in this collection of short stories. From honesty and respect to understanding and dependability, each of the 26 stories covers a quality that any good leader should possess and is followed by fun activities and exercises to help children learn the true meaning of each concept.

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Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder (Age 14+)

“It’s a sophisticated story with a mysterious plot. A long of heavy reading on the philosophical learnings, but definitely a life changer for those who wish to think more”
– Andrew – Year 9  (United Kingdom)

Show and Tell Review (May 2018)


For those who likes a challenging read, Sophie’s World is a great philosophy learning book rich in content and nicely written in a storytelling format with all the suspense and plot twist to make you want to keep reading. The story follows the life and events of Sophie Amundsen, a teenage girl living in Norway and Alberto Knox, a philosopher who introduces Sophie into using philosophy to figure out life’s big questions.

Did you know?

Originally written in Norwegian, Sophie’s World has since been translated into 59 languages with over forty million copies printed. It has been adapted into a film, a TV show, a PC game and a board game.

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Goosebumps by R. L Stine (Age 8+)

“It’s old-fashioned scary! If you like being kind of scared but not too scared at the same time, then read this”
-Emily Mason, Grade 5 (US)


Show & Tell Review (April 2018)

A classic Goosebumps story is funny and a bit scary. Stine’s books have a reputation for getting children excited about reading and anything that makes children read avidly is a good thing!


The stories follow child characters (both male and female protagonists), in first person narrative, who find themselves in scary situations and surreal horror; usually involving monsters and other supernatural elements. The author says he does not have any deaths in his story and the children in his novels are never put into situations that would be considered too serious.


Two common themes in the series are children triumphing over evil and children facing horrid or frightening situations and using their own wit and imagination to escape them. In the story the protagonists are at least young children while the antagonists are almost always monsters or human. The characters are very often situated in remote location or isolated from normal surroundings (think foreign villages, campsites, moving to new neighbourhood and rural areas)

Did you know?

The Goosebump series has sold over 350 million books worldwide in 32 languages and has become the second best-selling book series in history (guess what series is first?). Individual books have been listed in a number of bestseller lists, including the New York Times Best Seller list for children.

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June 4, 2018

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